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Our mission is to provide Trimble’s industry leading technology solutions for commercial and residential building construction and manufacturing. We partner with owners, general contractors, construction managers, engineers, contractors, fabricators, installers, MEP contractors and others in the vertical construction industry.

David Wood

David is an electrical engineer who has spent his career helping people and businesses use technology to solve problems and increase efficiency. He strives to provide turn-key solutions for his clients to realize greater precision, production, and profitability. He takes time to listen to his clients’ needs and expectations in face-to-face meetings. He helps determine the greatest needs and priorities before offering budget-conscious solutions. He provides the required training and support to ensure that his clients understand how to use their new tools and solutions most effectively. At installation, David ensures that his clients thoroughly understand the use of their new tools and solutions for productivity on day one. He continues to offer support and service by following up regularly with clients to confirm successful implementation and continued use.

David hopes that you will think of him as a partner in building your construction business while making it more efficient and more profitable.  He would honor the opportunity to partner with you.


David Wood - Ver-Tec