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VER-TEC’s mission is to provide technological products and services to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the vertical construction industry. 

We partner with building owners, general contractors, construction managers, engineers, concrete contractors, steel fabricators & installers, MEP contractors, drywall contractors, framers, glass installers, drop ceiling installers and many others in our industry.

We provide the tools and services that help our clients complete projects with speed and precision. Our products and software are intuitive and easy to use, requiring minimal training for rapid productivity.

Robotic layout systems and total stations drastically reduce the time needed to collect data and identify field points while increasing point precision. Layouts are completed in hours instead of days and virtually eliminate RFI’s and change orders.

3D laser scanners provide general contractors with the exact initial condition of projects before beginning renovations, remodels, and reconstructions. Floors are scanned to determine and correct flatness (FF) and levelness (FL) before the material sets up. Scanning provides owners with detailed specifications of the building’s completed condition.

Construction lasers and receivers add efficiency and precision to all areas of commercial and residential construction.

At VER-TEC, we recognize that there are many options and product lines available to the industry. As such, we do not promote a one-size-fits-all strategy. We take time with each client in face-to-face meetings to help determine the areas of greatest need and the best possible solutions. We then offer several price points to arrive at the optimal solution that fits the client’s budgetary constraints.

VER-TEC’s service continues after delivery. We provide customized training and support to ensure that each client understands how to make the best use of their new tools and solutions. Even after installment, we follow up regularly to confirm that the products meet and/or exceed the client’s expectations of increasing the efficiency of their business.

We would honor the opportunity to partner with you. Please contact us today.

David Wood

David is an electrical engineer who has spent his career helping people and businesses use technology to solve problems and increase efficiency. He strives to provide turn-key solutions for his clients to realize greater precision, production, and profitability. He takes time to listen to his clients’ needs and expectations in face-to-face meetings. He helps determine the greatest needs and priorities before offering several budget conscious solutions. He provides all required training and support to ensure that clients understand how to use their new tools and solutions. He continues to offer support and service by following up regularly with clients to confirm successful implementation and continued use.

David Wood - Ver-Tec
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