Robotic Total Stations eliminate pulling tape, string lines, and batter boards on the job site, while significantly increasing the speed and precision of layout, measurement, and as-built collection. These intuitive, one–person systems can be set up anywhere on the job site to quickly and easily layout and collect field points using a tablet controller and robotic/radio interaction. Inclined planes on a radius are as easy to layout as a flat, square footing. Models are designed specifically for general contractors, concrete contractors, fabricators, erectors, installers, and MEP contractors.

These solutions keep construction projects ahead of schedule and under budget while virtually eliminating rework.

The RPT600 makes layout and measurement very easy and precise. Simply set it up on the jobsite and press the green button. The instrument even levels itself. It has no eyepiece because Trimble VISION gives you a “from the camera” view on your tablet controller. Work directly from a model or easily build a plan using Trimble FieldLink. Layout points and measure distances quickly and accurately with either the included prism or the highly visible green laser. Your team can layout complex foundations, walls, utilities, and hangers with simplicity and precision while saving time and eliminating rework.

Trimble RPT600 - VerTec

Trimble’s RTS Series of robotic total stations use the latest technology to increase efficiency, accuracy, and simplicity for one-person layout and measurement. Complicated layouts are made simple and precise using a target and/or a visible laser. Models are designed specifically for concrete, steel, framing, drywall, MEP, and general contractors for construction-specific operation. One instrument can perform all jobsite layout, measurement, and as-built tasks for maximum flexibility and cost savings.

  • MultiTrack technology will only track your target while offering a choice between active and passive tracking.
  • SurePoint technology automatically corrects for unwanted movement due to wind, sinkage, and other factors.
  • Uneven Surface Correction compensates for uneven floors and ceilings to ensure precise positioning.
  • Automatic Servo Focus on the Class 2 Laser visually lays out points quickly with high precision.
  • MagDrive Servo technology provides exceptional speed and accuracy with smooth, silent operation.
Trimble RTS - VerTec
MT1000 - VerTec
RTS573 - VerTec

The RTS573 Robotic Total Station helps contractors improve efficiency and accuracy for layout tasks. It streamlines the layout of concrete forms, walls, anchor bolts, retaining walls, landscape, grade checks, and utilities. The RTS573 offers tight angular accuracy for precise field performance. It has a 30x telescope for visual point location. It also has an extended range EDM for site distance measurements up to a mile. Remotely control the robot to quickly locate your target using Track-Light technology.

The RTS673 offers the benefits of the RTS573 while replacing the extended range EDM with a high precision EDM that can be used for measurement and laser/visual layout.

RTS573 - VerTec

The RTS773 offers the benefits of the RTS673 and adds an integrated digital camera that provides a “through the telescope view” directly on the tablet controller. Trimble VISION gives users the ability to view, photograph, and document actual jobsite conditions for compliance and reporting issues in the field. The designed model, including points and linework, are overlaid on the camera image to provide visual verification and the option for photo documentation of conditions in the field. You can also locate your target using the camera, eliminating the need for the track lights.

The RTS873 offers the benefits of the RTS773 while fitting a Class 2, easy-to-see green laser into the telescope’s eyepiece. The auto focus capability of the telescope tightens the laser’s divergence for the highest available precision layout and measurement in DR (Direct Reflex) mode. The RTS873 is ideal for interior contractors.